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Dear Florence. Happy Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms of all generations!   Know that you can have a very positive and powerful impact on your future generations.  Your children are watching you every day and may one day reward you with grandchildren.  Leave a legacy!

A Letter To My Husband’s Mother

Dear Florence. I never had a chance to meet you as your life ended far too soon. God called you home at such a young age and I’m certain you have been quite happy where you are. But I thought you should know a few things about the son who you raised.

He is a good man! From the stories he has shared with me over the years, he endured many trials and hardships growing up and through his teen years. I understand you, too, had some rough times. There’s a saying going around today “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and that applies to so many people in so many ways.

You saw him as a soldier – someone who had to face the fact that a draft notice meant uprooting yourself and putting your life on hold, and leaving the safety net of family to go protect and defend others, so that they could know the safety net of their family life.

Your son did that!

You saw him return from that war where he risked his life and endured wounds to his body and spirit, returning to a nation of people who thought that war was a big mistake; a nation that turned against those American soldiers who had to fight in the war – not of their own freewill but because they chose to go and not evade the draft.

Yes, he endured that too.

When you were fighting for your life against a disease that ended up taking your life – he endured that as well.

What you missed was seeing the man he would become!

You missed the man who married me. Yes he had a failed marriage but he didn’t let that break him or deter him from trying again. We have been together now for 36 years.  He is a good husband and he never let’s a day go by without telling me that he loves me.

My guess is – he learned that from you. You did that!

You missed meeting your three grandchildren – a grandson and two granddaughters. They are good people.  They grew up with a dad who was very involved in their lives. He worked steady jobs to provide for them, the best that he could. He taught them what a good father is. Their dad took them camping, went to music recitals, and watched them play sports.  That dad also went on roller coasters a few times, even though he really didn’t like them.

Two of your grandchildren have strong, steady marriages and are raising their own children.  And the third is a college student with dreams of a career helping people.

Your son fought and beat his own health scare with a similar disease that took your life. I believe he drew some strength as a result of seeing the strength you carried in your times of trouble.

He is a survivor.

To all mothers everywhere around the world.  Ours may be a job full of joy, heartache, frustrations, doubts, worries, fulfillment, and LOVE!  But it isn’t a job I would ever want to miss out on!  Relish in the fact that YOU are one of the most important people to ever be in your child’s life.  No matter where life takes them, a child will always remember and need her mother.

God could not be everywhere.  So He created mothers!

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