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I Survived the First Year of College

This was a rough year that started in July, 2016. All of the planning, shopping and then packing!  Choosing what clothes and shoes to pack and seemingly emptying the bedroom – just to transport it to an unknown dorm room. Did we plan correctly and pack the right stuff? What was freshman year going to be like? So many questions and I was SO nervous.

Oh, I wasn’t the student.

I was the MOM of the student!

I had to pack and move my daughter into a college dormitory and LEAVE HER THERE – in a strange place surrounded by strange people. I was going to have to leave her in the care of who-knows-who, and go back home to find her room . . .  empty.

The first few nights were brutal – for me.  I would lay awake at night and wonder if she was getting enough sleep. Was she comfortable in her room?  Was she eating enough and making friends?  Did we forget anything important?  Was she getting around to her classes okay?

It took some getting used to, not being able to stop by her room to wish her to have a nice day. I went through my day as normal as possible, going to work and then coming home to realize she wouldn’t be here. Her bed would remain empty. Her car would sit in the driveway. Her cat would even curl up on my lap as if she realized that she was gone for too long.

When snow started to fall, my mom mode kicked in again and I wondered if she was warm enough when walking to her classes.

Or worse yet, the things every parent fears, the school went on lock down for a security problem.  Thank God for those who created devices where she could Face-Time us to let us know she was safe in her room.  And then, of course, she had a minor accident that required a trip to the hospital to be checked out

Those are the things parents worry about and dread.  But our dear ones need to grow up and learn how to handle the things that come along in life.

The positive side

My daughter found a new passion for her life and is excited to see where her career path will lead.

But I survived the college year – and so will you!  

Here is my Survival Guide for the Parent of a college freshman!
  • Figure out something that YOU’VE been wanting to do – and do it. Join a book club. Join a health club. Start an online class.
  •  Reconnect with friends. I enjoy meeting friends for dinner once a month. Each of us has a college freshman and it is good to chat and laugh together over a good meal.
  • Travel a little more. My husband and I have been enjoying our little Saturday excursions. We haven’t gone anywhere extravagant but our little one-day trips for two have been fun.
  • Visit your student at college when you can. There is no better therapy than seeing him or her in their new environment and being able to see that they are doing well.

My girl is learning how to be the person she is supposed to be.

So am I.

The first year is coming to a close. I am excited to move her back to our home for the summer months. I will enjoy and soak in the summer days and nights spent just doing typical family things.

To help you figure out how to plan those dorm room needs, check out this shop where I have compiled a list of what we found to be the most helpful.

I know that YOU can handle this mom and dad!  Enjoy your summer months and live in every moment. Create the memories for yourself as well as your child

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