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Dear Mom of the High School Senior

Oh girlfriend!  One ago I was right there where you are right now.

My youngest, my baby, ended her high school career just last year. On top of all that – she would be leaving for collegeWaaaahhhhh!  Yes – I cried a few tears.

I understand you, mom.  Your mind keeps flashing back over the last eighteen years of memories and good times. It went by so fast, am I right?

(Dust off those scrapbooks and photo albums right now and do some reminiscing.)

When they bring home that graduation cap and gown, it REALLY gets real and those tears start welling up again and again and again.

So, what can you do right now – during the last few weeks of high school?

Enjoy the little moments.
  • This time last year my daughter was rehearsing for her schools’ spring musical, “Annie”.  She was so excited to have a lead role as Miss Hannigan, which was a dream role for her.  I invited family and friends to come so that they could support her and also see her do something she truly loved to do.  Of course as her mom, I attended every single performance and soaked it all in.  I was the epitome of the proud mom.
  • Have special family dinner nights and take the time to discuss future plans.
  • Welcome all of their friends into your home to fill your home with laughter.  My home was the place for “game nights”.  I sometimes provided the food while the friends brought desserts, drinks, etc.
Help with the planning of special events.

Like Prom.  After all, this is senior year!  Prom doesn’t have to break the bank to be special.  My daughters’ date was one of her good friends and she was looking forward to having fun with her best friends.  You can find stunning, affordable dresses – perfect for any princess.

  • You know you’re busy with graduation party planning!  I was a bit obsessed with this part – I wanted it to be a perfect party that would leave her with special memories.  (I will share what I thought were hits and misses in another post.)

Take a deep breath mom.

I wondered if I got it right. You probably do, too.  Wondering if you have prepared them well enough to handle everyday life.  How will they ever survive without us?

Did you survive moving on with life separate from your parents’ home?  My guess is – yes you did. You may have stumbled along the way but you made it.  Your baby will, too!

But guess what!?  We are still going to be a parent.  Whether your daughter or son is leaving for college or planning their next stage of life, the last eighteen years were the most important foundation of your relationship.  The next stage will look a little different and yes, you will sometimes yearn for the old days.  She is no longer a baby and you can have a wonderful adult relationship with her.

I am in awe of the person evolving from the child I was blessed to raise.  She is mapping out her own destiny and building friendships with people every day.

I pray for her constantly and pray for her to be surrounded with people who will be good to her – and for her to be a blessing to those she meets.

The cocoon has been opening for eighteen years, mom.  It’s time for your butterfly to spread her wings – and fly!





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4 thoughts on “Dear Mom of the High School Senior

  1. I look at my babies and I just am not ready to be in these shoes. Why cant we keep them small? I know it is selfish of me, but i do not want them to grow up and move away, I want them to stop growing!

    1. Yes Marlene. Enjoy every minute as it goes by very fast. I was a basket of emotions last year. But my husband and I are enjoying the moments that we now share between us. And I am very proud of all our kids for being such caring adults.

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